Monday, February 11, 2013

The Robot from Lost in Space TV Show

This is a model of the Robot from Lost in Space.

I was running out of ink so I printed it in black ink only.

When I was growing up we only had a Black and White TV so I made all the pictures in B/W

Here is a short video I made for fun.


I also made a old school video of me making the model from start to finish.  
It took 3 hours 55 minutes to make so I sped up the video so it only runs 16 minutes.

The video is rough looking I made it using a webcam and feed it to a VHS recorder.
Then I recorded it with my digital camera. The lighting is harsh but I am working on other ways to do it. It was just a test for me but I think it looks OK.

Click picture for link to video album:

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