Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Drones from Silent Running

These are the drones that were in the movie Silent Running.
Their nick names were Drone 1 (Dewey) Drone 2 (Huey) and Drone 3 (Louie) 
The main human character in the movie was Freeman Lowell who was played by Bruce Dern.
The movie was directed by Douglas Trumbull and came out in 1972.
The ship the movie takes place on was called the Valley Forge. It was near the planet Saturn.
In the movie the drones were taught to play poker. 
There were four human crewmen on the Valley Forge.
A couple of side notes for the movie, Joan Baez sang the theme song and Joseph Campanella was the voice of the Berkshire' Captain, he was  uncredited. 


Patron Zero said...

Wow ! Truly cool models, might one ask where such files can be found ?

John'sPaper Models ETC said...

This is the Site I got them from: